VESTI x Renan Pacson PAMBUQUID Hat + Scarf & Shawl Set

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PAMBUQUID- bucket hat + shawl & scarf set is made of natural Philippine pineapple-cotton fiber blend fabric hand dyed using locally sourced Sappan natural dye accented with hand beaded acrylic crystals and also features Mindanao Silk. It takes its inspiration from the picturesque Philippine afternoon sky and life at the countryside - calm, blissful, content

The VESTI x RENANPACSON collaboration takes pride in its use of Philippine locally sourced materials developed by the Philippine Textile Research Institute; and aims to advocate for further use and improvements of such. To create hip and modern pieces while cultivating an appreciation for beautiful local resources.

Each VESTI x Renan Pacson PAMBUQUID set comes with:

1 hand dyed bucket hat

1 hand dyed scarf

1 Mindanao silk shawl

1 VESTI x Renan Pacson packaging



Bucket Hat

Brim Depth: 3.5”

Brim Diameter: 15”

Brim Circumference: 22.4”


Mindanao Silk Shawl

Length : 75"

Width: 29"



Length: 32.3"

Width: 32.3"





Pineapple-Cotton Fiber Fabric

Sappan Natural Dye

Acrylic Crystals

Mindanao Silk


NOTE: Natural hand dyeing processes will result to actual color variations. Images are only representative of the desired result, actual color may vary.



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