VESTI Okir Collection

Paying homage to our roots.

The VESTI Okir Collection is the ultimate reverence to our heritage and our love tribute to our home, Mindanao - honoring its rich culture, art, and craftsmanship.

Elevating the iconic Okir pattern of Mindanao to its luxurious iteration. The collection symbolizes VESTI’s highest regard to the best of the Mindanao people with the Okir as the central icon made into a bangle - inviting prosperity and grace to its traditions and skills. Colorful stones set in polished brass and steel with only the most luxurious fabrics and skins, the VESTI Okir Collection will definitely make you feel like royalty. 

We are proudly encouraging you to be one with us in celebrating the beauty of Mindanao and the Philippines. Use it as a wrist bangle-bag or with the shoulder straps - all eyes are definitely on you.

Carry it around with you!

Available in different textures and finishes.