VESTI Totem Collection

The VESTI Totem Collection is an evolution look of the VESTI Cube Bags, paralleled with optimism and hope in a clean structured shape to emphasize the fearlessness of the Sarimanok emblem at the centre. The Sarimanok emblem is made specially by Alchemista Jewellery.

Complimented with Mindanao’s finest handwoven weaves: Yakan from the Yakan Tribe in Zamboanga and the Inaul fabric from the Magindanaws in Maranao. Handbeaded with so much love on the stroke of the mesmerizing patterns and colours of the panels and doubled with leather handles, a piece that is truly one of a kind!

Iconic, versatile, and fun! Definitely a showstopper, carry it as a handbag or wear it as a sling, the VESTI Totem Cube Bag is this season’s must-have!